Who Cares About DC?

"Who Cares About DC?" It's not a rhetorical question!

It is the personal appeal of a DC residernt. It is about democracy in the nation's capital, about voter supression, voting rights and what it means to be a citizen of the United States of America where the right to vote is fundamental in our democracy, but under attack in many places in the US.

DC is treated as an agency of the Federal Government, largely managed by the Congressional Oversight and Government Reform Committee, only one of whose members were elected by residents of the District, Eleanor Holmes Norton, and she has no vote in Congress!

The District’s local government enacts laws and creates programs to spend its own locally-generated tax revenues to benefit its residents. But, Congress reviews and approves or denies any such laws, unlike any of the fifty states.

DC residents cannot appeal to or unelect Congressmembers who decide that they can do a better job of governing the District than the District’s Council and Mayor.

DC residents pay more income taxes than residents of 22 states, but have no representation in Congress or the Senate. That’s why DC license plates read, "END Taxation Without Representation.”

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