Who Cares About DC?

"When I moved to DC, I didn't realize I was involuntarily giving up my US Citizenship!"

"Deliciously crafted, informative, entertaining and irrefutably convincing."

Michael Stavros, Filmmaker • Sacramento, CA

"It is a masterpiece!”

Anise Jenkins, Activist • Washington, DC

"A fine and revealing film about efforts to get equality for America's hidden colony known as Washington DC."

Sam Smith, Editor, Progressive Review.

In 1970 Sam wrote the first article explaining how DC could become a state without a constitutional amendment.

"Wonderful work…beautifully filmed.  Lots of great interviews and segments! …a powerful statement on behalf of Washington, DC residents and the importance of statehood…You were bringing to the forefront, today's eloquent spokespersons waging the fight now – for everyone living in DC."

Anna Jhirad, Marigold Productions,

Producer/Director, "The Last Battlefront"

"We’ve been working on attaining Full Rights since our founding in 1920.  Get the story behind DC's lack of voting representation in Congress despite our fulfilling all the obligations of US citizenship. “Who Cares…?” is an engrossing and informative film documenting our quest for Statehood.  We’re proud to have filmmaker Stephen Kolb as a member of our League!"

Kathy Chiron, President, League of Women Voters DC

“You laid out so clearly the Constitutional background to the lack of representation of District citizens.  To my mind, the great strength of the movie is the revelation that many (most?) Americans do not realize that this lack of representation exists – even, as (Josh) Burch points out, among otherwise well-educated, savvy, politically interested citizens. A sentiment that really stuck with me is that the push for statehood is really a push for full citizenship for District residents – like me!”

Steve Cutts, DC retired history teacher

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