Who Cares About DC?

"When I moved to DC, I didn't realize I was involuntarily giving up my US Citizenship!"

the filmmaker

What people are saying . . .

"Deliciously crafted, informative, entertaining and irrefutably convincing."

Michael Stavros, Filmmaker • Sacramento, CA

"It is a masterpiece! I say that because of the true passion shown in it.”

Anise Jenkins, Activist • Washington, DC

"A fine and revealing film about efforts to get equality for America's hidden colony known as Washington DC."

Sam Smith, Editor, Progressive Review.

In 1970 Sam wrote the first article explaining how DC could become a state without a constitutional amendment.

"Wonderful work!  It's beautifully filmed.  Lots of great interviews and segments!   It's a powerful statement on behalf of Washington, DC residents and the importance of statehood…You were bringing to the forefront, today's eloquent spokespersons waging the fight now – for everyone living in DC."

Anna Jhirad, Marigold Productions,

Producer/Director, "The Last Battlefront"